Credit insurance allows companies to devote themselves to the growth of their business by making them allotment from non-payments. The policy constantly monitors the financial strength of your customers, keeping you updated, in order to be able to evaluate which extension to grant.

In the event of insolvency, it guarantees you compensation for the cost of the goods delivered or the services provided and takes care of all the procedures for debt recovery, whether they are in Italy or abroad.

Having a broker specialized in risk management at your side ensures that the entrepreneur can concentrate on developing new customers even in markets not yet explored, with the security of being protected from insolvencies.

We can cover your entire customer base or just a selection, up to even guaranteeing a single risk for the Export.

Political Risk

When a company goes international, it must face risks and uncertainties that are typical of a different environment from the domestic one. These difficulties are heterogeneous and range from socio-political risks to macro- and micro-economic deficiencies in the foreign country.

This refers to the set of risks that are not incurred if transactions are carried out in the domestic market, but which emerge when an investment is made in a foreign country. These risks are mainly due to political, economic, and social differences between the investor's original country and the country in which the investment is made.
- Duncan Meldrum (2000)

Political : Non-economic events arising from conflicts, unilateral acts of governments, sanctions

Economic : Factors that affect growth such as economic policy, the degree of openness of the economy, the country’s terms of trade

Financial : Quality of the local banking sector, transparency, presence of currency transfer restrictions

Operational : Legal environment, transparency of the judicial system, bureaucracy, infrastructural equipment

Counterparty : Risk factors related to the counterparty of the contract: Public body? Corporate? Bank?


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