Team of Professionals

With twenty years of experience in the insurance industry

A Tailor-made Service

According to the schedule and the budget of each client

Solidity of the Guarantee

Guarantees issued by a leading Insurance Company

Rapid Disbursement

Very quick preliminary investigation and resolution times

Insurance Consultancy Services

MGE Broker srl is a new multifunctional reality in the world of credit whose attention is directed 360° to the needs of SMEs and large companies, offering safe and reliable solutions. With its own back office, our company proposes itself as an ideal partner, guaranteeing total seriousness in business and a strong ability to listen and anticipate the needs of customers.

We work with the best partners

MGE Broker

Why choose MGE?

Our guarantees are accepted by public and private beneficiaries (procurement, construction, environmental, vat reimbursement and other performance guarantees required by law or contractual obligations), allow you not to immobilize money or other collateral and free up financial resources to support business growth.

With us you can easily participate in international tenders and obtain the contractual guarantees required by clients.


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